The Rolex GMT Master

Skrivet februari 16, 2023

An icon with it´s roots in aviation an adventure.

The Rolex GMT-Master is one of the most
recognizable models from Rolex with the well know “pepsi” bezel in red and blue which is
highly associated with both the watch and the brand it self.

We always have plenty of GMT-Masters in stock from the latest brand new release down to the vintage models from the 1950s.

Going back to the beginning of the model, the first GMT-Master was launched in 1954.

The American aviation company Pan American Airlines (Pan Am) asked Rolex to
produce a watch for their pilots that flew across different time zones.

The result was a sports
watch with the right features to keep track of these different timezones, hence the bezel and
second hour hand. Little did they know they were creating on of the most sought after sport
watches in the coming century.

The watch was developed over time and now we are looking
at many different models produced in the last 60 or so years for collectors to pick and choose from.

Rolex made many changes over the years in the model such as improving the
movement and introduction of new bezel such as the “coke” insert in black and red and in
modern times black/blue which you can see on the popular “batman”.

Rolex also introduced the GMT-Master in different materials such as yellow gold och gold /steel.

A a couple of years ago they also started to produce the watch in rose gold/steel and full rose gold / white
gold and even a model with a dial made of meteorite. A common factor for almost all GMT-
Masters is the size of 40mm.

The GMT-Master will always be top of mind when it comes to
iconic Rolex models and the history from the beginning to what we see today is filled with

We are sure that Rolex will keep updating the model and introduce new exciting
options, and we can promise you that we will have them all in stock for you to enjoy.

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