Rolex Submariner 16610LV ”Kermit”

Skrivet januari 23, 2023

The Submariner rarely needs a longer presentation, the king of diving watches that for many
watch collectors is the everyday “go to -watch”.

Launched in 1953 the model has a rich
history and was even worn by James Bond in the movie Dr. No.

Over the years Rolex has
released many different versions of the Submariner but for the models 50:th anniversary
Rolex surprisingly introduced a highly collectible new watch with the reference 16610LV.

The watch was the classic 40mm submariner with a black dial, steel bracelet and the classic date
cyclops on the crystal, but the insert was green (a color highly associated with Rolex).

Thiswas the first time Rolex used color for any of their sport watches which makes this model
the beginning of a new era for the manufacturer. Over the years this submariner was
nicknamed “Kermit” by collectors, and have gained more and more interest fetching high
prices in the secondary market.

The gain in interest was also fueled by Rolex discontinuing
the Kermit after seven years of production in limited quantity. The Kermit submariner is a
Rolex we love to keep in stock here at LuxuryWatches Stockholm and we always aim to have
pieces in pristine condition for our clients to enjoy.