Rolex Datejust 36

Skrivet februari 2, 2023

The iconic Datejust model 36mm size is a true classic from Rolex.

Being available in multiple different metals and bracelet options it is an entry level luxury watch that is easy to buy and

Rolex launched the model in 1945 as an everyday waterproof watch with a
magnified date function which you can spot easily by the cyclops on the crystal. The cyclops
magnifier is a feature that still lives on in modern Datejusts.

At the time the 36mm case was a bit big compared to other watches, but the times have caught up to the point the the
Datejust 36 serves very well both as a classic mens watch and a watch for the ladies making
the model very versatile.

Over the years the model has been developed a lot and made in more than hundreds of
versions but the modern Datejust 36 is almost always a watch in steel or gold/steel with a
smooth steel bezel or “fluted” gold bezel.

One of the most prominent features is the classic “jubilee” bracelet which was launched on the Datejust in 1945 celebrating Rolex 40-years
anniversary and the other bracelet option is the smooth and more subtle oyster bracelet.

Dial options are endless both in in vintage and contemporary models. There is everything
from straight blue, white, green and black to dials with diamonds, patterns and structure.


With all to different ways a Datejust can look it has a certain place in the heart among watch
collectors as well as the person who just needs one watch to wear for everything.
If the 36mm is an odd size for you.

Rolex have also introduced versions between 28-41
millimeters making sure that the Datejust is available in just the right size for you all though
the original model will always be the 36.

We have a wide selection of Datejust 36 here at LuxuryWatches Stockholm ranging from
true vintage from the 1950s to brand new 2023 models.