Patek Philippe 5450P Advanced Research

Skrivet januari 26, 2023

A true rarity in platinum. The Patek Philippe reference 5450P “Advanced Research” is a
watch for collectors.

We are experts in Patek Philippe and have a wide selection of watches from the brand
including complicated watches for sale and the 5450P is of course one of them.

The model
was only produced in 300 watches in 2008 and is extremely hard to find. The model was
presented with a brand-new concept for Patek Philippes movements, hence the name
“advanced research.

Three new components were made in the new silicon-based material
“Siliinvar” such as a balance spring, escape wheel and escapement. The purpose was to
increase the stability and accuracy of the movement using new material and technology.

On top of this Patek Philippe chose to make the watch an annual calendar which means the
watch shows day, date and month without interruption throughout a whole year adjusting
for shorter and longer months. The watch also shows the current moon phase, power
reserve and of course time.

Through the glass caseback you can see the automatic movement working.

All this watchmaking magic is encapsuled in the 39mm platinum case

which is a super wearable size for any wrist while the platinum gives just the right bit of
weight to the watch. The watch is presented with a beautiful salmon colored dial and a
leather strap.

You can find many rare and complicated watches from Patek Philippe here at
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