Rolex Oyster Perpetual in lovely color

Skrivet mars 9, 2023

Lovely colors that we never thought Rolex would use for their watches.

A couple of years ago Rolex presented something out of the ordinary in their catalogue. The Oyster Perpetual model which is an entry level watch in stainless steel was suddenly available with new dials in stunning colors.

The oyster perpetual model has always been one of the more classic pieces from Rolex with no added complications. The Oyster Perpetual is a good-looking watch that tells time and has the quality and durability of any other Rolex watch.

To give background to the model we need to explain the words Oyster and Perpetual which are present on almost all Rolex watches.

In 1926 Rolex produced the world’s first waterproof wristwatch and patented the “oyster case” with a screw down crown. This technology is still the base of Rolex cases today.

The word Perpetual stands for the self-winding movement and if you ask Rolex, it is also the word that Rolex lives by in their pursuit of always improving and developing their watches and heritage. In 2020 they decided to take the Oyster Perpetual model to the next level. The result was bright and clear colors in green, yellow, red, pink and turquoise which stood out among the other now more conservative looking ones in the catalogue.

The dials were produced for three different sizes of the Oyster Perpetual; 31mm, 36mm and the larger 41mm, and the hype was real.

Three years after the first wave of new dials they are still very sought after, and since some of the colors have been discontinued, collectors have now started adding these watches to their collections. If you are looking for any of these special Oyster Perpetuals, we always have plenty in stock at LuxuryWatches Stockholm in all sizes with different dial options for you to buy and enjoy.

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