About Luxury Watches

Our background

We at LuxuryWatches are passionate connoisseurs that everyday has the privilege to work with our biggest interest; watches. With watches’ history, craftmanship, functionality, precision and complexity, we always feel right at home.

Watches have always been a huge interest of ours, and trough the years we have built an international network to be able to successfully aquire watches that lies in our interest as well as our clients’ interest.

Patek Philippe

Our passion

Today, LuxuryWatches Stockholm is well known among collectors, clients and watch dealers around the world that share our passion and interest.

Just a couple of years ago, our main customers were friends , friends friends and relatives. Now, people from all around the globe is contacting me for help to find the right watch for them, at the right price and in the right condition.

For us, every new contact is important. Regardless if it is your first watch purchase ever, or if you want to expand your collection with some of the worlds most exclusive watches. We are a recurring link when some of the most exclusive watches change owners.

Welcome to our store in Stockholm

Today, our store and showroom is located in central Stockholm. You are always welcome by to view our watches in stock, or to place an order for a watch you want. The watches that others have a long waiting list for, we usually have in the store for you to buy the same day. Regardless if you are planning to buy your dream watch now or later, you are always welcome to talk to us, we love watches and we are here to help you!

If you decide to make your purchase through us, our promise is that you will feel safe and taken care of through out the whole process. To us, all our clients are part of the Luxurywatches family.

Best regards, LuxuryWatches